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2022-05-21 03:40:58 By : Ms. SAMIRA CHEN

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - A “new and improved” pirate statue is back on the campus mall at East Carolina University once again.

The life-sized statue has been under repair since October 3rd when it was vandalized.

The statue was reinstalled at noon on Wednesday as several dozen students watched.

Technicians from the School of Art and Design used wood, fiberglass, cloth and resin, epoxy putty, and even Bondo to repair and reinforce the iconic statue.

The pirate has a new earring and sword.

The statue was toppled to the ground last month, with its sword-wielding arm broken into multiple pieces.

A Raleigh teen, Efe Erdem, was charged with damage to property.

The statue, which has been on the mall since 2008, was been the target of vandalism in the past.

ECU says a common misconception is that the statue is Pee Dee the Pirate. The university says while Pee Dee is ECU’s mascot, the statue is just that of a pirate. Arggh!

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