Advanced, High Performance, Versatile Insulation Systems

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Amulya Das, Director of Business Development at Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc., talks to AZoM about the insulation systems they supply, and how they can provide customized solutions for a wide range of applications.

Mid-Mountain manufactures a wide variety of insulation materials for use across a broad range of industries. A number of insulation product lines at our facility allows us to be vertically integrated, which gives us the opportunity to be very innovative with our solutions for our customers.

Mid-Mountain specializes in insulation blankets and covers which are used for a variety of purposes. These include fire proofing, sound proofing, thermal insulation, and weather proofing.

Our thermal insulation systems are constructed for a wide range of temperature or atmospheric environments. They are very durable, weather resistant, and ideally suited for any area that requires frequent maintenance.

Standard applications include heat exchangers, valves, manways, flanges, pumps, engine manifolds, engine exhausts, exhaust silencers, turbines, instrumentation panels, and other components, as well as process piping.

​Most of our insulation blankets and covers are removable and soft. Unlike permanent hard insulation, soft insulation covers have the advantage of being removable and reusable, making them the insulation of choice for components that need to be accessed from time to time for maintenance and inspection.

​While removable thermal insulation covers are typically one of the last items to be installed before a facility goes into production, they are a critical component when it comes to site safety and system stability. Valves, flanges, and other components left uncovered can result in:

​The benefits of our removable insulation covers include:

​Removable insulation covers are typically constructed in 3 layers. Figures 1, 2 and 3 illustrate the construction and materials used in a standard removable insulation cover.

Note that for more demanding and unique applications, Mid-Mountain offers a wide range of alternative materials and designs. Most of our covers and blankets are custom designed by our engineers to meet the unique requirements of individual applications.

The primary function of thermal insulation is to reduce the transmission of heat. Depending on temperature range and environmental conditions, the choice of insulation material is very important and critical.

Our blankets and covers feature high temperature sewn construction and incorporate flaps, closures, and cutouts to provide easy access to ports and controls.

Yes, we do design and manufacture custom products for our customers.

In addition, we also work with our customers to design and implement custom insulation systems for the most unique and complex insulation situations.

We have worked in collaboration with customers to design muffler covers, diesel exhaust covers, and covers designed for us in aircraft.

At Mid-Mountain, what makes us unique is that we work closely with our customers to find the best solution for their application.

If an application is not that complex, we do have standard product line that includes many sizes of pipe and valve insulation blankets for dozens of common components.  

​Mid-Mountain manufactures a complete line of coated fabrics that are high temperature resistant, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant.

A variety of base fabrics can be coated with different types of coatings to create a coated fabric suited for your application.

In addition to fiberglass and silica fabrics, we can also coat woven and non-woven fabrics including Nomex®, Kevlar®, and nylon, carbon, and aramid blends.

Many of our standard coated fabrics are manufactured in accordance with a variety of specifications including ASTM E84, ASTM E162, FAR 25.855, and MIL-PRF-20696F.

We also offer several coated and uncoated fabrics that are ANSI/FM 4950 approved for use in hot works applications. Our standard coated fabrics include:

​Yes, we are expecting lots of development with regards to insulation material occurring in the near future.

We are constantly working on developing advanced materials on the following factors:

Mid-Mountain is a very vertically integrated company, which gives us the opportunity to use a combination of materials, to achieve an optimum solution, at a very competitive price.

The process of combining different types of insulation into a single form creates a solution that will be more thermally, efficient and cost effective.

Amulya Das is Director of Business Development at Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc., and is based at the company’s manufacturing facility in Arlington, Washington, USA.

Amulya is a Materials Scientist with  a degree in  Chemistry, and also has a Masters Degree in Chemical Technology with a specialization of Textile & Polymers Science from The Institute of Chemical Technology, Bombay, India. As Director of Business Development, Amulya works closely with engineers and project managers to develop unique solutions that will address their applications challenges.

Prior to this role, Amulya served as the Manager of the Coating Division at Mid-Mountain, overseeing the manufacture of all standard and custom coated products. Amulya has 28 years of hands on working experience in manufacturing, engineering, design, and Research & Development with textiles, chemicals, and polymers as well as high performance materials.

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Alessandro has a BEng (hons) in Material Science and Technology, specialising in Magnetic Materials, from the University of Birmingham. After graduating, he completed a brief spell working for an aerosol manufacturer and then pursued his love for skiing by becoming a Ski Rep in the Italian Dolomites for 5 months. Upon his return to the UK, Alessandro decided to use his knowledge of Material Science to secure a position within the Editorial Team at AZoNetwork. When not at work, Alessandro is often at Chill Factore, out on his road bike or watching Juventus win consecutive Italian league titles.

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