ARMATEX® Heat Resistant Refractory Coated Fabrics

2022-05-14 22:44:46 By : Mr. Sam Xing

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The number of industries and range of applications requiring high integrity, hard wearing thermal insulation barriers, chemical and abarasion resistant materials is diverse.

With an increasing global focus on the environmental impact of industrial processes and improvements in the regulations regarding personnel safety at work, the demand for safe, reliable and efficient protection for the environment, your people and your workplace is paramount.

Many industrial processes utilize heat resistant fabrics and textiles as thermal insulation barriers offering greater flexibility and customization than similar, more rigid products.

To form safe, dependable and flexible fire and heat resistant barriers for thermal insulation,  a range of fabrics and textiles such as fiberglass, Silica, Kevlar®, Nomex®, amongst others can be impregnated or coated to provide even further thermal insulation.

Fabric and Textile coatings for thermal insulation include:

Image 1: An Example of Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance thermal insulation barriers and environmental protection products, serving a variety of industries worldwide. Specializing in coating fabrics and textiles of varying substrates with distinct polymer coating compounds, designed for use as thermal insulation, sealing components, environmental protection products and high temperature resistant products.

For use as fire and heat resistant insulation, pad and lagging material, welding safety protection, or maintenance applications, ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles from Mid-Mountain Materials have been designed to offer heat resistant protection for all manner of applications.

Unique to the Mid-Mountain Materials line of ARMATEX® Coated and Treated Textiles is ARMATEX® Q, a series of fabrics and textiles coated with a proprietary, high temperature resistant refractory coating designed to withstand the most abusive environments.

ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics were developed thirty years ago entirely by the application need to replace asbestos bearing products being used for thermal barrier applications in primary aluminum smelters. Since that time, ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics have found their way into numerous other applications and industries where most other traditional fabrics being used fail prematurely. When coated with ARMATEX® Q-Mix, traditional textiles have improved chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance, enhanced strength, and are considered to be some of the toughest industrial textiles in use around the globe. In addition, textiles coated with ARMATEX® Q-Mix have very low porosity, making them excellent for use as emission control seals and thermal barrier seals in very severe environments.

Throughout the years the ARMATEX® Q line has evolved to include a series of S/Q Coated Fabrics and Textiles. These products consist of a specially compounded silicone that is applied to one side of the fabric with Q-Mix on the other side. The application of the silicone bonds the fibers together, increasing strength and flexibility for certain applications where temperature is not as strong of a factor.

Image 2: ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabric

The Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® coated fabrics and textiles range also includes:

When a standard coating does not meet the required specifications of an application, it is possible to customize the coatings and materials to develop a bespoke solution.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of engineered thermal insulation barriers and seals that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation. Their expertise in diverse material technologies and specialized engineering capabilities enables the design and manufacture of innovative thermal insulation materials that include:

Since 1976, Mid-Mountain has been engineering leading edge solutions for thermal barrier applications with products that are designed to withstand temperatures from 400ºF/230ºC to over 3000ºF/1630ºC. In addition to thermal insulation materials, they can devise custom solutions for conditions that require the utmost in chemical and abrasion resistance, including:

Servicing the global market in industries such as aluminum, aerospace, appliance, hearth products, primary metals, petro-chemical, marine, solar, and many more, Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is committed to being the leading, diversified manufacturer of high quality industrial textile products.

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