Shade Sails Market to Reach $2.68 Billion by 2027, Around

2022-05-14 22:44:34 By : Ms. Ruru Dai

February 10, 2022 15:14 ET | Source: Arizton Advisory and Intelligence Arizton Advisory and Intelligence

Chicago, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The shade sails market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4.25% during the period 2021−2027.

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Shade sails deliver comfortable shade in modern landscapes. Each sail is a strip of fabric that has been specially designed to endure an enormous amount of pressure. Each sail is mounted with steel columns and tightened; therefore, it would not fold or move even in wind speeds as high as 100 mph. Shade sails have a swooping, geometric appeal of a modern art installation; they look great with contemporary architecture. Shade sails are a few methods of getting shade in the landscape and could be taken down each winter if desired. A shade sail works better than pergolas in the winter season for getting as much light as possible into the house. According to the requirements such as the color and size of a shade sail, a shade sail would fit right in with the landscape. Shade sails improve nearly every outdoor environment. Also, there are DIY options for residential backyards and over pools that could add significant value and functionality to businesses, parks, and schools.


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7.1.4      Considerations While Designing Shade Sails

7.3.1      What Are Shade Sails Made Of?

7.3.2      How Is the Shade Sail Fabric Different from Awning Fabric?

7.3.3      What Are the Key Benefits of Shade Sails?

7.3.4      Are Shade Sail Fabrics Waterproof? Do They Block Rain?

7.3.5      How Does One Clean a Shade Sail?

7.3.6      What Equipment Is Required to Build and Install A Shade Sail?

7.3.7      Are Shade Sails Fabrics Heat Sealable?

7.3.8      How Much UV Protection Does Shade Sails Fabric Provide?

7.3.9      What Is the Best Type of Hardware Used to Build A Shade Sail?

8.1         Revitalization of Old Buildings with Shade Sails

8.3         Waterproof Shade Sails with UV & Rain Protection

9.1         Consumer Preference for Shade Sails Over Normal Roof Blinds

9.2         Growth in Tourism & Wellness

9.4         Increasing Prevalence of Skin Cancer

10.1       Low Awareness in Growing Economies

10.2       Low Quality & Improper Installation

12.1       Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

13.1       Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

14.1       Market Snapshot & Growth Engine

15.5.1   Australia: Market Size & Forecast

15.5.2   China: Market Size & Forecast

15.5.3   Japan: Market Size & Forecast

15.5.4   South Korea: Market Size & Forecast

15.5.5   India: Market Size & Forecast

16.5.1   US: Market Size & Forecast

16.5.2   Canada: Market Size & Forecast

17.5.1   UK: Market Size & Forecast

17.5.2   Germany: Market Size & Forecast

17.5.3   France: Market Size & Forecast

17.5.4   Italy: Market Size & Forecast

17.5.5   Spain: Market Size & Forecast

18.5.1   Saudi Arabia: Market Size & Forecast

18.5.2   UAE: Market Size & Forecast

19.5.1   Brazil: Market Size & Forecast

19.5.2   Mexico: Market Size & Forecast

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