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Many people spend an hour or more a day in the bathroom. While you probably feel safe and comfortable in your own home, many slips and falls occur in the bathroom. Moisture and humidity levels make bathroom surfaces slippery and its occupants more accident-prone. Using a non-slip shower mat is an easy way to boost safety in the bathroom.

By adding a slip-resistant layer to the shower stall or bathtub floor, a mat stabilizes and cushions your footfall, making showering less stressful. This guide discusses some of the best shower mats to prevent slips in the bathroom. Paired with a quality bath mat, a shower mat will bring peace of mind to your morning and evening routines.

To select the best shower mat, first consider all its characteristics, from material to size and color, to care and maintenance. Read on to learn more about the important features to look for in the best shower mats to prevent slips in the bathroom.

Most shower mats offer a measure of slip resistance, though the materials that provide this feature vary. You may want to look for a mat made with a non-toxic material that doesn’t contain chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which researchers have linked to certain health risks. Based on their anti-slip properties, the most popular materials for shower mats include:

Shower mats are sized according to their length and width, and most come ready to place in a standard shower stall or bathtub with no installation required. In general, shower mats are available in two shapes: square (for shower stalls) and rectangular (for bathtubs). Before you purchase a shower mat, first measure the shower stall or bathtub floor. Then, choose a mat that is slightly smaller so that it will fit easily.

Many shower mats come in neutral colors, like white, tan, gray, or transparent, to fit unobtrusively into the shower or bath area. However, brightly hued shower mats are also available to add a splash of fun to children’s bath-time rituals.

Even the best quality shower mat must be cleaned regularly, like your shower. Although some products claim to be antibacterial and mildew resistant, a mat with suction cups on the back is especially susceptible to mildew and mold. Over time, damp conditions breed mold and mildew as well as odors and stains.

To prevent damage to the shower mat, rinse it after each use and hang it up to air dry. Some shower mats are machine-washable; in this case, wash the mat every week or two to remove the soap scum and stains.

Buying a quality shower mat doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you select the appropriate material, size, and color for the shower or bathtub, follow these guidelines for purchase and care.

Bring some added safety and comfort to the shower stall or bathtub with one of these top picks. Each selection is non-toxic, free of BPA and phthalates, and comfortable for bare feet.

This shower mat from KMAT is made of heavy-duty TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that is free of BPA, latex, phthalates, and won’t leach toxins. It fits most shower stalls and bathtubs, and its non-slip surface helps prevent you from taking a tumble. This textured mat contains hundreds of suction cups that firmly grip the shower floor.

The mat features hundreds of drainage holes to keep water from collecting and causing mold and mildew. To prevent soap scum and other debris buildup over time, remove the mat from the shower or bathtub, rinse it regularly, and allow it to air dry. This durable mat comes in gray, blue, and blue-gray.

A safe, non-slip, non-toxic shower mat doesn’t have to cost a lot. This extra-long shower and bathtub mat by TIKE SMART is ideal for tub showers. Designed with kids, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities in mind, it contains 200 powerful suction cups for maximum, long-lasting grip.

This shower mat is cushioned for extra comfort and will cover the entire tub shower surface, leaving nothing to chance. Made of phthalate- and BPA-free vinyl, this mat is heavy enough to lay flat without curling.

This heavy-duty Gorilla Grip tub shower mat boasts incredible strength and comfort. The extra-large mat is covered by 324 strong suction cups in between unique hexagonal drainage holes, which circulate water to keep the tub clean. This mildew-resistant mat is free of BPA, phthalates, and latex, without the unpleasant smell that is sometimes associated with plastic.

The Gorilla Grip tub shower mat can be machine washed on cold with gentle detergent (no bleach), and should be left to air dry. Rinse and air dry after each use to avoid oily and slippery buildup that may occur from soaps. This product comes in 21 colors, available as a single mat or in a pack of two. Note that it should not be placed on newly refinished surfaces.

Those who suffer from aches and pains—particularly in their feet and legs—would benefit from this anti-fatigue shower mat by BOWERBIRD. Every time you step into the shower, the soft, cushy foam surface on this mat offers support and comfort. It’s especially useful for individuals with lower-body issues that cause pain and instability, as well as anyone simply wanting a more comfortable shower experience.

The non-toxic foam is free of BPA, phthalates, and latex, with a surface structure that won’t absorb water, to prevent bacteria and mold growth. The square-shaped mat is available in two sizes and two colors: cream and warm gray. Make sure to first apply anti-slip stickers or tape to your shower stall floor; position the mat on top to provide the most stable, non-slip effect.

Designed especially for shower stalls, this all-natural shower mat from SlipX Solutions features extra-gripping power for a solid, non-slip surface. Its 140 suction cups attach to smooth shower floors, adding a layer of comfort and safety. Made of premium natural rubber, this mat is embedded with Microban antimicrobial treatment, which inhibits odor and bacteria and won’t wear off over time.

The mat is also very easy to clean. Simply toss it in the washing machine or rinse and air dry after use. Its square shape fits standard shower stalls, and it’s available in white, tan, and gray.

Shower mats can be essential in helping to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom, especially if you have kids, elderly individuals, or anyone with a disability or chronic pain condition. The primary reasons to consider purchasing a shower mat include:

If you choose a quality product, a shower mat can last a long time, keeping your entire household safe from dangerous slips and falls. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about shower mats and their corresponding answers to learn more about selecting the best shower mat for your needs.

Yes, provided they are rinsed and air dried regularly, shower mats are sanitary. Or, toss them in the washing machine and dryer for a thorough clean, if applicable.

With proper care, a shower mat can last a long time. Change a shower mat only if it becomes a hazard, which usually occurs when the non-slip backing begins to fail.

Teak is a very water-resistant wood, which makes a teak shower mat a logical addition to shower areas. Teak shower mats also drain water easily. However, these mats should not be used inside the shower; they are intended only to prevent water damage to the floor outside the shower stall or bathtub.

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